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Click to view our previous litter By, Rose X Froggie
"Tinkertime's Party of Five"

"If you would like to know more about Tinkertime or this amazing breed feel free to write or call. We can be reach at 772-571-2192. "

BRACHYCEPHALIC BREEDS - Most people are not familiar with the term "Brachycephalic," but if you own a French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Boxer, Bulldog, Shih Tzu or any one of the other breeds with "pushed in" faces, you should become familiar with this word. The word comes from Greek roots "Brachy," meaning short and "cephalic," meaning head. Brachycephalic dogs have been bred so as to possess a normal lower jaw, that is, one in proportion to their body size, and a compressed upper jaw. In producing this cosmetic appearance, we have compromised these animals in many important ways and you, as an owner, must be familiar with the special needs of your pet.

The following link provides information on the French Bulldog and hopefully will answer a few of the questions that you might have about the breed.
About Frenchies!